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Water Testing Laboratory & Licensed Lake Manangement

ADHS Licensed Laboratory #AZ0003

Our Services

Analytical Testing

     AC&T’s Laboratory provides certified analysis of various matrices such as drinking, surface and wastewaters; as well as solids, sediments and bio-solids. Analysis includes chemical and biological testing, whole effluent toxicity and organism identification. Clients include municipalities, industries, small community utilities, urban lake HOA’s and private well owners. 

Lake & Pond Maintenance

We have an educated, experienced and certified team of field technicians; NALMS- Certified Lake Manager, AZ OPM certified applicators, ADEQ certified water/ wastewater operators. Our staff can provide sampling & measurements; aquatic herbicide applications; bathymetric (contour) mapping; aquascape installation & maintenance, algae & aquatic plant collection & identification; aquatic insect collection and identification.

Environmental Water Quality Consulting

  • SDWA compliance & regulatory reporting.
  • NPDES / AZPDES regulatory reporting assistance, permit application & negotiations.
  • Storm water & pretreatment discharge regulatory monitoring, reporting & auto sampler set-up.
  • Municipal waste treatment process & compliance consulting & analytical effluent quality monitoring.
  • Plus: beneficial reuse applications; local limits studies; pilot programs; water treatment efficacy evaluation; laboratory surveys; third-party audits and engineering support.

About our Team

History of AC&T

Aquatic Consulting & Testing. Inc. is a small, woman-owned business and independent licensed laboratory, incorporated in 1988. AC&T continues to provide consultation, certified analytical water testing and lake maintenance for nearly three decades, servicing municipalities, engineering firms, industrial companies, community utilities to private well owners . 

Laboratory & Office Staff

 AC&T collective staff includes 14 environmental scientists, consultants, and licensed operators to provide expertise in chemistry, biology, microbiology and limnology plus administrative support personnel. Collectively, staff members have over a hundred years of environmental consulting and analytical testing experience.

Lake & Field Operators

AC&T has a field team of aquatic biologists and limnologist, NALMS-certified lake manager, plus several AZ OPM-Licensed aquatic pesticide applicators. Experienced in surface water quality profiling; compliance sampling; lake engineering support and management; sediment mapping; mosquito vector monitoring; aquatic weed, algae and insect treatment applications; fishery management; water feature maintenance; aquascape restoration and wetland management. 

Contact Us

Sample Submittal & Consultations

We receive samples Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm MST, barring most major holidays. If consultation is required please call ahead to ensure one of our expert consultants will be on hand to ascertain your analytical needs. 

Aquatic Consulting & Testing Inc

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